Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Station layout and equipment

Here is a list of some of the equipment I am using. I am really happy with my current configuration and I am not planing any major changes in the near future.
Icom IC-R75 - AM synch detector mod (Rado 2.1), AGC mod, FL-103 (2.8 kHz/9Mhz 2nd IF) and FL-257 (3.3 kHz / 455 kHz 3rd IF) SSB filters, UT-102 voice module. This is my main SWL receiver and station Tx monitor.
Yaesu FT-1000MP Mark V Field - 70 MHz IF amp InRad mod, CW clicks mod, 2nd IF (Yaesu YF-114SN 2kHz / 8.2 MHz) and 3rd IF (InRad #702 -C 2.1 kHz / 455kHz) Narrow SSB filters, 2nd IF (InRad #708 250Hz / 8.2 Mhz) and 3rd IF (InRad #704 250Hz / 455kHz) Narrow CW filters, FH-1 remote keypad. My primary HF SSB transceiver.
Elecraft K2 with KPA100/KAT100 in EC2 enclosure. K2 has all of the options installed - KSB2, K160RX, K60XV, KNB2, KDSP2, KAT2, KIO2, KBT2. The radio is updated will all factory updates and mods. KPA100/KAT100 combo has some extra front panel meters installed (voltage and temperature). This is my primary HF CW radio (also portable/QRP when needed)
Yaesu FT-920 -FM-1 unit, TCXO-7, YF-116A 6kHz AM filter, YF-116C 500Hz CW filter. FT-920 is my secondary/backup HF radio, digital modes and 6 meters tranceiver.
Yaesu FT-100D - cooling fan mods, chasiss ground mod. XF-117A 6kHz AM filter. My VHF/UHF radio and backup portable/mobile radio.
Yaesu FC-20 - external antenna tuner for FT-100D
Palstar AT2K - high power external manual tuner for matching the G5RV
Alinco DM-340MV main power supply (linear) - powers FT-1000MP, K2, KPA100/KAT100 and Yaesu FT-100D.
Alinco DM-330MV secondary power supply (switching) - powers FT-920
Radio Shack 3A linear power supply - powers Icom IC-R75, LED desktop lights and both LP-100 wattmeters.
Telepost LP-100 vector wattmeter - used to monitor amplifier's input RF power.
Telepost LP-100A vector wattmeter - used to monitor amplifier's output RF power.
Bird 43 wattmeter - used to monitor the RF output.
ACOM 1000 - Primary HF+6m linear amplifier
Heathkit SB-200 backup linear amplifier with Palstar DL1500 dummy load.
Tigertronics Signal Link SL-1+ connected to FT-920 for digital modes work.
SteppIR BigIR Mark III /w 80 meter coil vertical antenna and G5RV dipole.
SteppIR antenna controller connected to one of the computer's serial ports.
N8LP SteppIR Tuning Relay - Tx protection for the SteppIR antenna.
2x Diamond CX-210 2-position antenna switches and custom patch pannel for RF signal routing.
4 position RCA audio/video switch for audio routing, 2x 2-position RS232 switches
4x RCA 40-5000 die-cast speakers, Motorola comm speaker and pair of powered Acoustic Designs speakers.
Yaesu MD-100A8X microphone, second homebrewed desktop mic, Sony MDR-2506 headphones.
Begali Signature Edition morse paddle and Bulgarian Military "Voroshilov" straight key.
Griffin PowerMate knob controller.
WavPro Luminator station's master clock.
Pentium 4 / 1.7 GHz computer with nVidia Quadro graphics card anddual monitors, Sound Blaster Audigy 2 audio card and 4 x RS-232 serial ports for tranceiver control . Windows XP Pro.

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