Sunday, July 20, 2008

Mission: Organization

Late last year I went through a complete re-organization of my station. Over the years I was trying to keep it neat and organized but constant modifications, new equipment installations and what not created a big mess behind the operating desk. This is what it looked when I pulled the desk away from the wall:

As one can see it was almost impossible to find or trace cables, especially since there is not much room to work with.

Yet another view of the "wire salad"!

After I disconnected every single cable and made a few custom ones, it took me about a day to create the current, more ergonomic layout of the equipment and reconnect everything.

Now everything is way more organized and accessible. I used huge amount (literally - pounds) of ferrite toroids and split-core ferrite beads to form common-mode current chokes on almost every cable. This resulted in a electrical noise-free environment. Most of the chokes are installed on cables connected to the PC. Right in the middle of the image is visible the copper ground bar. I used wide straps made of copper foil to ground each piece of equipment to the ground bar.

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