Tuesday, September 22, 2009

N2PK VNA - Some initial plots

Quick sweep (3 to 29 MHz) of my G5RV clearly shows the low SWR points. It also reminds me that I need to do some minor tuneup of the antenna. The red vertical cursor is at the CW portion of the 20m band - the other SWR dips are in agreement with what should one expect from the classic G5RV. A VNA makes the ultimate antenna analyzer! One extremely valuable feature is the ability to perform calibration at the end of the coax / antenna feed point thus removing the impedance transformation effect of the coax from the measurement! It is like having the VNA connected right at the antenna feed point. (A good overview of various antenna analyzers and designs (incl. N2PK) can be found here )

The noise floor of Detector 2 (the one I am planning to use for transmission measurements) is below -125dB (at the slowest ADC speed) and flat. The plot for Detector 1 looks the same! This is a pretty good range for home-brewed equipment!

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