Tuesday, September 22, 2009

N2PK VNA Rear panel

Cutting out the rectangular openings for the switch and the DB25 connector was the real challenge here. The left side of the panel is dedicated to graphics - there is not much room behind it because of the power supply board. I left some empty space on the panel for the future installation of a small Accessory connector so I can connect different VNA accessories (like the RF-IV test head or Transverters). The power switch has a built-in LED connected to the regulated +12V line. The front panel's LED is connected to the +5V line (DDS power).

The rear panel is completely detachable. This makes life easier if I need to open and disassemble the unit. Ferrite chokes are installed on the control / data lines and power supply input. The little 4 pin connector supplies power to the +12V LED, VNA Detect line and +9V to the Accessory connector.

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