Sunday, June 27, 2021

My XRF Setup - Part 3 - Exciter

(work in progress)

The exciter is the second main component of an XRF setup - this is the source of the primary X-Rays.

Two type of Exciters are generally used - X-Ray tube or Radioactive Isotope.

X-Ray tubes 


- provide high-intensity beam

- low limit of element detection

- easy on/off capabilities 

- excellent results


 -  big, heavy, very delicate

- require additional cooling

- large, hazardous HV power supplies

- need for safety interlock systems

- heavy beam collimators

- Not as portable

Radioactive Isotope source 


- smaller, lighter and simple

- 100% reliable

- very portable for field use


- low intensity beam requires long acquisition times

- shielding is required as well a shutter-type on/off system

- highly regulated

- danger of contamination if source is damaged

 The holder of the exciter was designed with TinkerCAD and 3D printed

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Sean said...

Very nice! Are the sources in your exciter Am241 from smoke alarms?