Monday, April 30, 2012

Pneumatic Antenna Launchers for sale

UPDATE 4.15.2014: Due to various reasons (personal schedule, parts availability, business feasibility, etc) , I have decided to discontinue the Antenna Launcher product line. If things change, I'll post here but as of now there are no near future plans to make any antenna launchers. Sorry for any caused inconvenience!

UPDATE Sep 2013: Pictures of the new style BDAS-2 Launcher.

Complete BDAS-2 kit - this is what you'll receive if you order one.
The User-Manual is available for download (check the link in this post)

The look now is more consistent with a trade name like "iLauncher 2S"

Surface materials are more durable than paint and the carbon fiber finish looks great!

UPDATE Mar 21 2013:  The BDAS-2 Antenna Launcher is currently out of stock. Production will resume in late April with units in stock during the first week of May. Please don't wait until the last moment - in the month before Field Day, I get overwhelmed with orders and you might not be able to get it in time.
Now up to Revision 2, with a new "Carbon Fiber Look". Pictures will follow, but this newly designed look is totally "Space Age" and has more clean and modern appearance. New materials were used and the finish is also more durable and less prone to wear and scratches than the old painted surface. The painted version will still be available upon special request at a slightly higher price. The Ramrod in Revision 2 is also updated - now the handle is made out of two parts with friction assembly for an improved portability and shorter storage length (not pictured above).
Lead times for new orders on "Out-of-Stock" products is 2 to 3 weeks. "In stock" items ship within 3 business days after the payment clears.
BDAS-2 Antenna Launcher  (current version) - $299
BDAS-1 Antenna Launcher (legacy) - Special Orders only (TBA)
Complete Kit Includes: Antenna Launcher, Zip Reel with 150 yards Leader Line, a set of 3 weighted projectiles (1x 6oz, 2x 4oz) and a Ramrod
BDAS-2 Antenna Launcher / "T-shirt Cannon" option - $249
"T-shirt Cannon" option - no Zip Reel, no Leader Line and no Projectile Set are included. A 2.5" coupler is included along with BDAS-2 Launcher and a Ramrod.
All orders ship via USPS Standard parcel service or UPS Ground- customer pays actual shipping fee for 26x13x8" box / 14 Lbs from Zip code 06804. Continental US only.
Local Pickup is also available at no additional charge.

My article on the Pneumatic Antenna Launcher generated huge amount of interest. A bunch of web sites like Hack-a-Day, Make Magazine, Wonder How To and others featured the article and increased the popularity even more. Since then, people are asking from assistance with building their own launchers to wanting to buy a finished product. I end up making a small production run to satisfy these needs. Field Day is coming and I am left with a few  launchers for sale from this run. I have not decided yet if I'll keep making them - the process is rather time consuming. If I decide to go on, I will likely create a separate web site.
These launchers are no-compromise, top-shelf product for people who demand high quality (and they look great too!). Ready to use - no assembly is required! Each kit includes a Launcher, a Zip Reel loaded with 150 yards of 50lb Test Hi-Vis Yellow Spectra Line, a Set of 3 projectiles (Weighted Tennis Balls - 2x 4 oz and one 6 oz) and a Ramrod. For more information, specs and details, please download the User Manual before ordering (for those who already purchased a launcher before 2013 - this is a revised  version of the manual - please download it and use it instead of the printed one included with the Launcher). Shipping to Continental US only! Price is set to $299 + actual shipping charge. For ordering, please email: ae1s AT Payments via PayPal or Cashier Check or cash for Local Pickup. Ships in 3 business days.

 "Graphite - Yellow", "Graphite - Orange" and "Steampunk"

"Steampunk" is the most popular finish people were asking for. Somebody even ordered one these to use as a "T-Shirt Cannon" for his band.

 Picture of the Trigger Valve Assembly

 Zip Reel with Leader Line.. A nifty Line Cutter is mounted on the bottom.

 The unique "Safety" feature in "ON" position 

 "Graphite - Orange" - The combination of metallic / graphite look and bright signal orange looks really nice.

 Another angle on the Trigger Valve and mounting bracket with the "Safety" Strap
Safety was a priority when building these launcher. Only pressure rated fittings were used - no drilling and epoxy gluing of PVC parts here. 

All launchers feature a Safety Relief Valve. Every single junction is Solvent Welded. The attention to detail is obvious everywhere you look. During painting, every part was carefully masked - note how the front face of pressure tank cap is painted and the clean edge between colors.

"Graphite Yellow"


Unknown said...

I want to purchase an antenna launcher. Do you have them in stock? I am W2CHX in Pawling, NY.
As a customer, how can I discuss your product with you? I think I know what I want after looking at your website, but I still have a few questions. I can pickup the Launcher at your QTH and pay with cash. Thank you.
Fred Feindel

Unknown said...

were do you post were and how to make a order.?????

Andrey E. Stoev said...

As stated on the top of the post, the launchers are discontinued and no longer available. The stock launchers were sold out and I don't have plans to make them any more!
Sorry about this!