Friday, August 22, 2008

LP-100A Integration

Since I started using the LP-100 watt meter some time ago, I have not touched my old Bird 43. The LP-100A is one of the best on the market and it has some very unique features not seen in other meters!
The firmware is user-upgradeable and I am proud to be the originator of a few ideas about the ergonomics and the "SWR Alarm snooze" feature which Larry implemented in the firmware.
There is a great Yahoo Group for technical support and discussions!

Both of my units - LP-100 and LP-100A integrated in my shack. LP-100 (with the green PLED display) is showing the transceiver output (input to the linear amplifier). LP-100A (blue VFD, I actually used gel filter to get the nice blue color out the display) is showing the output of the amplifier.

Looks like the amplifier does a pretty good job. The T-mode is very helpful during tuning!
In vector mode, the meter displays a lot of very useful information about the antenna!


DL9GTB said...

Hi Andrey,

your LP-100A display has such a nice blue color. How did you do that?

73 de Torsten - DL9GTB

Andrey E. Stoev said...

I used a piece of color gel filter. (Used in stage lighting projectors / photography). It is inserted between the display and the ND filter supplied with the kit. I have experimented with different colors and tints and pretty much every color will work as the vfd is not truly monochromatic. The red side of the spectrum will be dimmer than the blue - green side tho. I feel that the original vfd color is lacking color saturation and color filter is indeed helping a lot. I use green for the power amp input meter and blue on the output lp100a

DL9GTB said...

Thank you Andrey. I'll do it like this.

73 de Torsten - DL9GTB